Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost North Texas Ghost Towns & Places on 1892 Walker Map

While I was working on the Lost Railroads map clip, I realized that this 18902 Walker Texas County Map had a good number of obscure places that are no longer on contemporary Texas maps. Thinking there might be some interest, I made a slightly larger clip to look at:

Click on the map to enlarge the image

Starting at the top left is Doan's which was the last supply point on the Great Western or Dodge City cattle trail.  It is not uncommon to find on maps of this period. However over in Montague County, Red River Station, known earlier as Salt Creek, is seldom on any Texas map even though it was the main crossing point for cattle drives on the Chisholm Trail. If you look  further you will find intriguing names like Adieu, Audubon, Custer City, Gertrude(s) and many others that no longer exist or are simply markers on the highways. The Handbook of Texas Online can probably help on some of them.  But others are simply lost.

Map image from the Electric Books Collection

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