Sunday, December 19, 2010

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The search for more of the Lost Maps of Fort Worth goes on. The current Lost Maps of Fort Worth CDROM in the stores has over 270 (278) pages filled with maps, views and the history of the first 100 years of the city, but that isn't nearly all.

For the past several years we have been working to create an Index of Fort Worth & Tarrant County maps.  The work has gone pretty well.  Several of the museums and libraries have provided their catalogs.  And a number of private owners have given us their listings.

The result has been revealing.   The original of what we believe to be the first real map of Fort Worth has been rediscovered after being more or less hidden in storage for many years.

This is a lo-res copy of the 1876 Zane-Cetti map of Fort Worth as seen in the Lost Maps of Fort Worth CDROM.

The original has been recovered from an obscure storage bin, and was sent off to for restoration, framing and eventual display, hopefully in the near future.

We think there are other old original maps of Fort Worth & Tarrant County that may still be in existence but are not currently visible.  

Any Original Fort Worth or Tarrant County map earlier than about 1940 has value as an historic document of the earlier days of Fort Worth and should be preserved. If you have a map like this or know the location or owner of one, please let me or someone involved in Fort Worth history know so that it can become part of the Lost Maps of Fort Worth Index. 

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