Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Edition..

It's taken us a while.  We wanted to think carefully about how be might fit this new publication into the already rich stream of Fort Worth's digital world.  We won't post on a schedule and hopefully we will write something of interest when we do.

We plan a small diary of our travels and inquiries into the historical record as well as comments on the issues and interests of the present day.

After a good deal of time spent with the old Fort Worth Gazette doing historical research I have come to enjoy the style of that little paper which relentlessly pushed the development of Fort Worth, but apparently never made much money, if any. Their special editions were something to behold.  The 1887 special page was especially good.


  1. Looking Good!Now hopefully,I can become a better blogger too!

  2. Thanks, Pete. I always appreciate your great research.

  3. Times were tough back in the 40's, 50.s, and 60.s, but they were much,much better times than now.